FlatHat Drone Pad Questions -

Why do I need a drone pad?

Use of a drone pad will help to protect your drone's camera and sensors against rotor wash dust and debris.

What is rotor wash?

Rotor wash is air turbulence caused beneath a helicopter or drone by its rotor blades.

Do I need to use the ground stakes included in the 32" (80cm) FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pad?

Under most conditions you will not need to use the ground stakes to secure the drone pad. They are included for your convenience to use in windy conditions.  

Can I iron the wrinkles out of the FlatHat drone pad?

Yes.  Like any folded fabric the drone pad can get wrinkled when collapsed and stored in the carry bag.  Be sure to use the iron's lower temperature "synthetic" fabric setting before applying to the drone pad's polyester fabric.

FlatHat Lighting Kit Questions -

Does the Lighting Kit fit the 16" and 32" FlatHat Collapsible Drone Pad?

Yes, the lighting kit will attach to the 16" and 32" FlatHat drone pad.  The el wire is sized to fit the longer perimeter of the larger 32" drone pad.  To attach the el wire to the smaller 16" drone pad, simply trim the wire with a sharp pair of scissors to the appropriate length.

I'm having a hard time threading the el wire through the fabric loops on the drone pad.  What should I do?

The drone pad is a hand-made product and there can be some variation in the size of the fabric loops used to attach the lighting kit's el wire.  If one of the loops on your drone pad is too small to thread the el wire through, then we suggest removing the small plastic cap from the tip of the el wire.  This will reduce the diameter of the wire tip and should allow you to thread the el wire through the loop.  Removing the end cap will not damage the el wire.

Can I shorten the el wire in the lighting kit?

Yes, you can shorten the electroluminescent wire by cutting it with a sharp pair of scissors.  This will not alter the functionality of the lighting kit.

Can I leave the FlatHat lighting kit attached to the drone pad when I collapse it to store in the carry bag?

Yes, in fact we recommend it.

What is FlatHat Labs?

FlatHat Labs develops cool gear for drone pilots.  "Flat hatting" was a term coined by World War II pilots to refer to unauthorized low-level flying and stunting.  FlatHat products aim to help drone pilots have more fun while flying.